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We've Got Your Back....!

The back has been known as one of the hardest places to reach on your body and needs as much thorough cleaning as possible. Why not pamper your back as you would your face. At the

GLAM SPA | SKIN GYM we have a treatment exclusively for you. Our Hydrating Back Facials are relaxing treatments similar to a facial but totally pampers your back. All back treatments include a deep cleanse, exfoliation, steam, specialty mask, and a stress relief back massage to help remove impurities, restore the skin and relax the mind.

Want more...customize your own cream, mud, or scrub at our Salt of the Earth Bar that you can personally mix yourself right in our lobby. Add your own twist of oil or thermal powder to give it a little boost. Then well take your creation right into the treatment room to use in your session. You can even create your own jar to take home! Why wait call us today or schedule online at

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