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Acne Treatments

Have you been struggling with acne?

Acne Bootcamp is designed for our Lead Esthetician to journey with you on a 3-month skincare program diving into your skin internally/externally. We focus on customizing treatments & product protocols according to your acne type & severity. We also take into account your dietary choices, sleep schedule, stress, lifestyle habits, & how these choices can impact your skin. For a high success rate,  all clients are required to follow a home skin regimen using recommended products only & bi-weekly/monthly appointments.

"I’m not only your esthetician during these months, I am your friend, supporter, motivator, and your biggest fan. This Bootcamp can be challenging mentally and physically and it requires you to follow a strict home care regimen. But if you stick to it I can simply say the changes and results are incredible. Skin is our biggest organ - let’s take care of it together."  -Brenda, Lead Esthetician

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