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Skincare Treatments

PRO Consultation & Treatment Plan

Our PRO Consultations with our Master Esthetician allows us to examine your skin more thoroughly, address any skin concerns you may have, and create a professional treatment plan and home care regimen.

We encourage this as an initial treatment for all first-time clients who is serious about wanting to get on a result-driven skincare regimen along with product recommendations and a skincare nutrition guide.

Total Skin Investment $75   and assurance that your skin concerns will become a thing of the past!

Book your initial skin care treatment at your consultation and $50 of the consult will be applied to your treatment cost.

Total Time of Skin Analysis & Consult: 30-45 min

Signature Skin Renewal Facial 

See and feel a difference in your skin immediately following this skin care treatment. Perfect for All Skin Types, Anti-Aging, Fresh Start to Skincare Journey, and those seeking a natural glow! Includes: Pre-Cleanse, Power Cleanse, Exfoliation Treatment, Extractions (Minor), Facial Massage, Hydrating Cream Mask, Eye Repair, Treatment Serum, Hydration Treatment and More! Don't forget your add-ons!!

Total Skin Investment $89 and an Instant Glow*

Total Time of Treatment, Consult, Prep: 60 min

*Ask about our Spa Now, Pay Later Option!

Ultimate Skin Renewal Facial

Our Ultimate Facial Treatment is a more advanced facial focusing on skin correction and renewal.  This facial treatment includes a Pre-cleanse, Power cleanse, Enzyme Exfoliation Treatment, MicroDerm or HydroDerm, custom skin mask targeting skin concerns and an Oxygen Infusion serum booster to give your skin cells a boost pinpointing aging, pigmentation, mild to moderate acne, and more.

Total Skin Investment $150 and Healthier Skin*

Total Time of Treatment, Consult, Prep: 60-70 min

*Ask about our Spa Now, Pay Later Option!

Ultimate Clear Skin Facial + Series

Clear skin is beautiful.

Our Acne Relief Facial cleans & nourishes blemish-prone skin, heals blemishes & eliminates bacteria, and antioxidants soothe and moisturizes.  We then follow up with Blue Light Therapy and/or High Frequency.


This facial caters to clients with major acne breakouts including but not limited to inflamed pimples, blackheads and whiteheads. Facial include Blue Light Therapy and/or High Frequency.  

Total Skin Investment

$99 Single Session ( minimum to low results)  

$450 for 6 Sessions - Savings of $144 (Good Results based on Home Care)

$720 for 12 Sessions - Savings of $468 * Home Care Products & Skin Nutrition Guide included

                                       * Most Accurate Results and Best Seller!

Total Time of Treatment, Consult, Prep: 45-75 min per session on case by case basis.

Stress Relief Facial
*Back for a limited time

Our stress relief facial is ideal for those in need of relaxation and rejuvenation. Our body tends to show signs of stress on the face. Our stress relief facials are designed to relax the body as well as facial stress. This Facial takes the mind and body into a deep relaxation and help drive out negative vibes while giving your skin the focus it needs for results.   

Extractions are not included in this facial treatment.


Includes upper body massage and hand arm massage.

Hot Stones, Chakra Stones, Lavender, and/or Sage may be incorporated in this treatment!

Total Skin Investment $99 and Much Needed Relaxation*

Total Time of Treatment & Prep: 75 min

*Ask about our Spa Now, Pay Later Option!

Glow N' Go' Express Facial

Healthy Relaxing Facial in half the time!! Get the Express Facial! This mini facial is quick, yet highly personalized treatment will cleanse, exfoliate and revitalize your skin in just 30 minutes.

Total Skin Investment $50 and And a Quick Glow *

Total Time of Treatment & Prep: 35 min

*Ask about our Spa Now, Pay Later Option!

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